Large Rattan Phone Grips

Large Rattan Phone Grips

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LARGE Rattan Pop Sockets

Each woven rattan piece is beautiful + unique in its own way. Colors of the rattan vary from light to dark as well as the pattern. They are all truly one of a kind pieces of artwork to keep on your phone. 


Color : Light or Dark Rattan

Size: Large

Large is approx. 1.5" - 2"

Color Base: White 


PLEASE NOTE: All designs are handcrafted and one of a kind. Not one rattan piece looks like a twin, they are all uniquely handcrafted. COLOR OF RATTAN + SIZE WILL VARY! Also, please do not leave your rattan pop socket in the direct sun! The adhesive will melt. 

This phone grip comes with a high quality adhesive. Please be aware this adhesive does have a harder time sticking to some silicone & waterproof cases